Golden State Foods

  • Robot Staker Oper

    Location US-GA-Conyers
    Job ID
  • Overview

    Job Responsibilities

    • Follow proper safety procedures
    • Formulate 6 to 8 thousand pound batches of ground beef to a predetermined, specified formula
    • Adjust for fat content, temperature variations, and particular product mixes
    • Use statistical process control (SPC) tools (i.e. averages, ranges, standard deviations, graphs, diagrams, charts, etc) to accumulate and evaluate processing and raw materials data for fact-base decisions to continually improve the batching and control process and positively impact bottom line business results
    • Perform analytical tests of product in-process with accuracy and speed and evaluate the results, making any necessary adjustments to maintain an uninterrupted supply of quality product to the finish grinders
    • Knowledgeable in PPE, OSHA, MSDS, lock-out/tag-out, GMP, SSOP, and HACCP
    • Observe and analyze equipment performance and report any problems to your supervisor
    • Read and understand all company policies, procedures, and guidelines as they pertain to you and your job
    • Keep area clean and clear of any safety hazard issues
    • Other assigned duties as required


    Physical Requirements

    • Must be able to work on feet for 8 hours
    • Required to work in areas where temperatures will be 45°F or below




    1. Familiarize self with machine’s controls and location of emergency stops
    2. Follow all safety guidelines, policies, and procedures for all equipment you operate and areas in which you work
    3. Familiarize self with area surroundings, such as emergency exits
    4. Report any unsafe equipment or conditions



    1. Confirm the product being produce daily before batching begins


    Monitor Operations

    1. Batch specific types and amounts of raw beef materials to meet formula specifications for daily production schedules
    2. Lead the grinding room workers to assure the correct raw materials staged and ground to produce the product on the production schedule
    3. Use a touch-screen computer system for transferring and blending ground product thought he first phases of the entire production process
    4. Chill each batch of product to the specified temperature prior to transferring it to the finish grinder and adjust as conditions warrant
    5. Pull and test samples of ground beef from each batch of product and make adjustments if necessary to achieve specified formula and SPC targets
    6. Use an Foss Food Scan Meat Analyzer for fat content analysis for in-process testing and maintain a printed record of all test results
    7. Understand and use the appropriate application of various SPC tools for process improvements
    8. Neatly and legibly enter all required data on the Batch Sheet (MEAT.OPS.FORM.011) and the Final Grinder Fat Control (MEAT.OPS.FORM.011)- Chart Data as Required
    9. Use in-Process Data collected as immediate history to progressively make batching process improvements, batch to batch, within the specified formula guidelines throughout the production day using SPC tools and charts
    10. Document any “Out Of Control” points, trends, or “Out of Specification” problems completely and accurately with sufficient detail to show cause and actions to correct
    11. Study and evaluate previous SPC data accumulated for possible batching and long term system process improvements and make recommendations for same
    12. Report any raw material product or batched product problems to your supervisor


    Housekeeping Procedures

    1. Keep your work area clean throughout the workday
    2. Floor will also be kept clean for appearance and safety purposes


    Other Assigned Duties

    As required.



    1. Set-up
    2. Monitoring of Operations
    3. Housekeeping



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